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Wheatland Automotive, or Wheatland Auto, is a first choice to the people of Naperville, IL, and the surrounding areas. That is why, for some time, our customers have been providing us insightful feedback and wonderful testimonials. We want to share them with you, and provide you an opportunity to share your experience. Thank you, from all of us at Wheatland Automotive.

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  1. Keith says:

    Great job Matt!

  2. Anna Cedeno says:

    I really like this business, because they are fast, friendly, and affordable.

  3. Jason Kinney says:

    Wheatland auto has great prices and great services.

  4. Martin Duran says:

    Matt and his team have proven to me that they are here to help. Previously, I thought that automotive shop owners only looked out for their own interests. Matt, he proved otherwise. I was experiencing trouble with my vehicle, which was fairly new (only a year old). I was hearing some scraping noises coming from the bottom of my car whenever I made sharp, left turns. Matt, in the matter of minutes – literally, minutes – got rid of the noise. For his service, he didn’t charge me a dime. Plus, he charges fair prices on the rest of his services: oil changes, tune ups, you name it. I recommend Wheatland Automotive.

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